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Teri & Lauren – Upcoming guests

Hello to our beautiful listeners!

Today’s post is a pod”blurb” . . . in lieu of a podcast! I was in Orlando at the Hay House Writers’ Workshop last Friday and Lauren has been laid up with a back injury over this past week, so we decided we would do a short segment this week then return to our normal 45 minute podcast next Friday.

Exciting news is we will now be publishing a podcast EVERY Friday. Alternating between full episodes and the blurbs.

During today’s episode, Teri discusses some upcoming guest appearances, the writers’ workshop, and the coping skills she utilizes as needed along her healing journey.

Upcoming guests include: Sarah Farmer, Paulette Tomasson, Sandra Filer: The Happy Goddess, & Melissa Adamchikof Tristate Trauma Network.

Peace to you all,

Teri & Lauren

Teri & Lauren – Spirituality

Hello all! We hope you have had a blessed and tranquil 2 weeks since our last podcast. This week, Lauren and Teri discuss spirituality and all that it entails. We look forward to your feedback and would appreciate your sharing our podcast link with friends and family so we can continue to grow our listening audience.

Thank you for listening!


Lauren & T