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Jim Ellis & Dr Sara Gilman – Keeping the Peace

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What a hope-infused conversation with Jim Ellis and Dr. Sara Gilman regarding the soon-to-be-released educational film, Keeping the Peace.

“A 30-minute educational film – titled Keeping the Peace – will be gifted to police agencies across San Diego and then the nation for in-house training of officers. The purpose? To bring awareness to the stresses and traumas experienced by officers and law enforcement personnel while on duty in order to empower them to normalize their emotional and mental responses to on-the-job experiences and to take action in alleviating, diffusing and treating the symptoms of trauma (PTSD), so that they can retain wellness in all areas of their lives.”

Jim’s Bio:

James Anthony Ellis is an award-winning playwright and reporter who owns Legacy Production, a San Diego production company that in 2012 produced the acclaimed “Indoctrinated: The Grooming of our Children into Prostitution.” An author of eight books and producer of 100 video presentations, Ellis is now working on a new educational film “Keeping The Peace” supporting law enforcement officers in their mental and emotional wellness.


Company: http://www.LegacyProductions.org

Contributions: https://chuffed.org/project/keepingthepeace

“Keeping The Peace” – direct to page http://legacyproductions.org/keeping-the-peace-for-the-peace-keepers/

I Have Seen montage – YouTube https://youtu.be/ZOoY0CAvlBY

Dr. Sara Gilman’s bio:

Dr. Gilman, is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, and has a doctorate degree in Psychology, with a certification in Sports Psychology. In 2017, her doctoral dissertation focused on the effects of cumulative traumatic stress exposure in first responders and the use of EMDR as an early intervention. For the past 32 years, she has specialized in the areas of Traumatic Stress, Addictions, and Peak Performance. She is the co-founder and President of Coherence Associates, Inc., an individual & family counseling corporation, with offices in Encinitas & Rancho Bernardo. The CAI team of counselors is dedicated to expanding human potential through the coherence of mind, body & spirit through clinical excellence, integrity, and compassion. Additionally, Dr. Gilman holds certifications in EMDR Therapy, CISM, NLP, Hypnosis, Coaching, and HeartMath.

She is a former Firefighter/EMT and served on the San Diego Critical Incident Stress Management Team for over 10 years. She was awarded Fellowship status with the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress for her extensive work in utilizing EMDR with first responders following critical incidents. She was elected to serve on the EMDR International Association Board of Directors, is a former EMDRIA Past-President, and contributing author in 2 books addressing treating trauma in 911-Telecommunicators with EMDR Therapy. Sara is an invited speaker nationally and appears on radio and TV discussing the topics of stress, trauma, addiction, and mental toughness. Counseling for Individuals, Families, Couples, Children Peak Performance & Mental Toughness Training; First Responders, Athletes, Performers

Sara G.Gilman, Psy.D., L.M.F.T., President/Owner www.CoherenceAssociates.com

Peace to you all!


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Vic Compher & Rodney Whittenberg – CAREGIVERS Film

Welcome everyone!

I am excited to introduce Vic Compher and Rodney Whittenberg, co-producers of the award-winning film “Portraits of Professional Caregivers: Their Passion, Their Pain.” We engage in a deep and informative conversation about their mission, journey, roles in the development of this powerful project, and more.

I had the honor of viewing the film before speaking with them on air and found myself moved to tears. I connected with this film and the featured caregivers not only as a trauma-survivor, but as someone who has worked in the mental health field and school settings as a caregiver. So much appreciation and positive support sent to all of those who have answered the calling of caregiver.

A huge thank you to Vic and Rodney for sharing their film and insights with us all!



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George Siegal – Award-Winning “License to Parent” Film

Welcome everyone!

Today Teri is joined by George Siegal, producer of the award-winning film, “License to Parent” and founder of the non-profit film production company, Move the World Films, Inc.

You can watch the trailer for this powerful film at License to Parent and follow this link for more information on Move the World Films.

Move the World Films:

Our mission is to tackle those issues in society which damage children, the elderly, and the environment, and to offer clear solutions that will improve people’s lives.

Improving the world one film at a time.

What are your thoughts on this taboo subject of parenting?