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Paulette Tomasson – Psychotherapist/Counselor

Hello Healing Place Podcast Listeners!

Teri is so excited to welcome the brilliant and beautiful Paulette Tomasson via a Skype interview. Paulette discusses her vast therapy modalities from experiential to equine therapy and so much more. We discuss trauma, resilience/drive to survive, the blossoming of self-reflective men overcoming their sex addictions, internet pornography, critical need for parental controls on all devices, and embracing/celebrating our “note in the symphony”!

You can read more and connect with Paulette at

Peace to you all,


Madison & Emily – Hope

Hi Healing Place Audience!

Tonight we have 2 very special guests with us! Tune in to find out who joined us to discuss therapy-dog Sammie and her Sammie’s Bundles of Hope Project.

Peace to you all as you continue on your healing journey,


Michelle – Parenting a Child with Anxiety

Greetings Podcast Peeps!

This week, Teri is excited to have her beautiful friend, Michelle, joining her to discuss “parenting a child with anxiety”. Please tune in as Michelle shares her insights and wisdom on this important topic.

Peace to you all!

Teri . . . and Michelle

Teri & Lauren – Positivity

Welcome Podcast Listeners!

This one should really be titled “Being a Glitter-Shitter”! We touch on positive affirmations, being positive from each of our perspectives, social psychology and group-think, and Lauren’s newest discoveries on her spiritual journey. So, make a nice hot cup of tea . . . or whatever it is that warms your spirit . . . and join us for the next 45 minutes of laughter, depth and glitter-shitting.

Be well and be gentle with yourselves,

Lauren & T