Melissa Adamchik – Trauma-Informed Care & TTN

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Tonight we have an extra-special one and a half hour show! Due to 3 weather-related cancellations last week, we decided not to post a podcast last Friday. Therefore, we are making up for that and posting a double show tonight. Yay! So, sit back and enjoy our “conversation between friends” with trauma guru, Melissa Adamchik, Executive Director of the Tristate Trauma Network.

We are happy you have tuned in to The Healing Place Podcast. We discuss the fast-growing framework of trauma-informed care, the mission of The Tristate Trauma Network, along with other trauma-centered subjects.

Be sure to check out the links and videos Melissa mentions on air at their agency website:

Be gentle with yourselves!

Teri & Melissa

5 thoughts on “Melissa Adamchik – Trauma-Informed Care & TTN

  1. Teri and Melissa, thanks for sharing this very vital information. Trauma is such a least discussed issue in our communities. When I wrote the theatrical script Trauma Denied, I wrote it as a way to start an open discussion and dialogue in the community, especially in the African American community. Really enjoyed the podcast and the information you have shared. We are in need of sharing this information as we present the onstage production where individuals can view and audibly hear the pains of trauma. But much important know where available resources to provide clinical services. Thanks! Greg Stallworth

  2. Melissa, Thanks for spreading the word about TIC and TTN. Great job on this podcast! Being a part of the community wide effort to raise awareness of the effects of trauma on individuals and ultimately our communities, and educating TTN Member organizations and their mental health providers on effective interventions to trauma is such an important part of the TTN Mission. So proud of you! And thank you, Teri, for inviting Melissa to share the Tristate Trauma Network story, and advance our story.

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