Cissy White – Heal Write Now

Cissy White – Heal Write Now

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I thoroughly enjoyed this on-air conversation with writer/activist, Cissy White, as we discussed trauma, healing, her brilliant insights and a shared connection in our philosophies on trauma-informed care.

Cis is the Northeast Region Community Facilitator for ACEs Connection and the Manager of the Parenting with ACEs Community. I’m the founder of Heal Write Now and a trauma-mama-writer-survivor who believes it’s possible to live, love and parent well after ACEs, possible but not easy. I believe taking ACEs and trauma conversations out of clinical settings can reduce shame, inspire hope and lets us learn from each other. My motto is: It’s not trauma-informed if it’s not informed by trauma survivors.

You can find out more about Cissy and her mission at the following websites:

Websites: & Parenting with ACEs:




Best Medical Appt.…od-experiences-aces/

Talking ACEs:

How Can Anyone Love Me with All My Issues:…-with-all-my-issues/

Why Survivors Need Each Other:…4-07-survivors-need/

Becoming the Woman I Needed:…-the-woman-i-needed/

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