Debbie Anderson – Vibrational Energy as a Healing Tool – Tap into Higher Frequencies

Debbie Anderson – Vibrational Energy as a Healing Tool – Tap into Higher Frequencies

I love that this conversation started with Debbie Anderson, writer, healer, and medium, pulling a card with a heart on it (many of you know how I find hearts every day without fail) and another one about laughter . . . and that we did! I even had to edit out part of it because, Sammie, my labradoodle, was having some “gas” issues. Haha! Please join us as we discuss:

  • Debbie’s insights on vibrational energy
  • her philosophies on collective and individual enlightenment
  • her role as a clairvoyant medium and energy healer
  • what she means by creating self-harmony
  • and so much more!

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“I SEE DEAD PEOPLE.  Yes, that is how Debbie A. Anderson introduces herself.  From a young age she had the ability to connect & see spirit.  For over 35 years she has united people with loved ones who have crossed over to say “Hi”, get closure or maybe find that missing will.  She raises the vibration & shares the positive using the oracle & affirmation decks she has published, teaching others how to shift their energy to tap into the “self” in a focused & balanced way. Sign up for her newsletter & receive I AM Mantra meditation FREE.”

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