Mary Giuliani – It’s Not About Food, Drugs, or Alcohol: It’s About Healing Complex PTSD

Mary Giuliani – It’s Not About Food, Drugs, or Alcohol: It’s About Healing Complex PTSD

Such a joy to welcome for the third time to the show, my friend and fellow trauma warrior, Mary Giuliani, Master Certified Coach, keynote speaker, and author. Please join us as we discuss:

  • Mary’s book launch of It’s Not About Food, Drugs, or Alcohol: It’s About Healing Complex PSTD
  • her insights on trauma recovery
  • her personal journey from trauma to triumph
  • explanations of adverse childhood experiences and brain injuries as a result of childhood trauma
  • and so much more!

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Mary Giuliani is a Master Certified Coach, keynote speaker, and author of “It’s Not About Food, Drugs, or Alcohol: It’s About Healing Complex PTSD.”   As a complex trauma recovery coach, she supports survivors in healing from complex trauma and achieving long-term recovery with food, weight, drugs, alcohol, and relationships, resulting in them turning their pain into power and purpose.”

Mary’s Book Release February 21, 2023:

Mary‘s new book is a blending of memoir, science-based research, and a practical Complex Trauma workbook & Addiction Recovery Healing Guide.

In it, Mary shares her story that in mid-life, she discovered the root cause driving her struggle with relationships, health, and work, and her past struggle with alcohol, drugs, food, and severe obesity was a condition known as Complex PTSD, a more severe form of PTSD that developed from her being raised in a chaotic alcoholic home.

This discovery sent her on a five-year journey where she researched leading experts in the fields of C-PTSD, neuroscience, developmental psychology, adverse childhood experiences, and addiction medicine to find the most effective treatments for optimal healing.

As she embarks on her trauma-healing journey, she shares experiencing one mind-blowing revelation after another as she learned C-PTSD was operating behind the scenes sabotaging her weight, recovery, relationships, career, and health. She then shares what she did to heal and how discovering and healing her trauma marked the single most transformative turning point in her life. She also provides access to all she’s learned through a compassionate, step-by-step C-PTSD workbook and Addiction Recovery Guide so her readers can embark on their own trauma healing and recovery journey.”





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