Joshua Cameron – How Unresolved Trauma is Causing Chronic Pain in Your Body & the Miracle Healing System

Joshua Cameron – How Unresolved Trauma is Causing Chronic Pain in Your Body & the Miracle Healing System

I so appreciate deep-dive conversations and sitting with Joshua Cameron, elite trained master healer, was just that! Please join us as we discuss:

  • Joshua’s personal journey from goth identity to becoming a master healer
  • his empowering insights on unprocessed trauma
  • his explanation of the Miracle healing system
  • using meditation as a healing tool
  • and so much more!

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Joshua Cameron is an elite trained master healer whose purpose is helping those who have lived with chronic debilitating pain find relief and begin living their lives with joy, gratitude and a renewed energy. Joshua is blessed with the gift that has helped his clients heal from chronic pain due to compacted spinal vertebrae, arthritis, severe heart conditions and even cervical dystonia, relieving extreme pain for many cases.

Joshua’s journey hasn’t always been easy, overcoming his own struggles with PTSD and Chronic Pain. This experience is what has best equipped him to help those who have also had difficult healing journeys. Whether severe brain trauma, liver or Lymph problems, or 20 years of rib pain from a car crash, he helps guide them to better navigate the mental and emotional terrain they experience. Joshua shepards them
to a place of perfect health as a natural state, rediscovering their sense of connectedness, humor and natural high energy.

Many people walk around with stored toxic memories and stories associated with them that manifest as pain. Like a game of telephone, our memories are recreated in present time and eventually new stories and words appear. Letting go of those stories and words that hold us down allows us all to grow into the best version of ourselves, abundant in all areas while living a pain free life.




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