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Maria Sulcer – “You Can Heal Your Life” Story

Welcome everybody!

Teri enjoys this engaging, informative and inspirational interview with Maria Sulcer, Outreach Specialist at Lindner Center of HOPE, as she shares how she was introduced to the You Can Heal Your Life philosophies of Louise Hay and her journey utilizing those lessons. Listen in to learn about the transformative power of positive affirmations.

Be gentle with yourselves!

Teri . . . and Maria

Maria’s copy of “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay

Sammie could not stop soul-connecting with Maria, holding “hands”.

When a friend shows up with heart shaped cookies!

Teri & Lauren – Positivity

Welcome Podcast Listeners!

This one should really be titled “Being a Glitter-Shitter”! We touch on positive affirmations, being positive from each of our perspectives, social psychology and group-think, and Lauren’s newest discoveries on her spiritual journey. So, make a nice hot cup of tea . . . or whatever it is that warms your spirit . . . and join us for the next 45 minutes of laughter, depth and glitter-shitting.

Be well and be gentle with yourselves,

Lauren & T