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Latarsha Haughton – Are You Ready to Transform Your Pain into Purpose by Breaking Your Silence?

I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from Latarsha Haughton, author, transformational life coach, and founder of Breaking the Silence Healing the Pain. Please join us as we discuss:

  • Latarsha’s insights on breaking your silence in order to transform your pain
  • her book, Breaking the Silence
  • her personal story of triumph over trauma
  • her philosophies on faith as a healing catalyst
  • and so much more!

Welcome to The Healing Place Podcast! I am your host, Teri Wellbrock. You can listen in on Pandora, iTunesBlubrrySpotify, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, Deezer, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, and more, or directly on my website at www.teriwellbrock.com/podcasts/. You can also catch soundbites of our insightful interview on YouTube.



Founder of Breaking the Silence Healing the Pain, I endured decades of trauma – including sexual and emotional abuse. With the help of God, prayer, and trauma-informed therapy after 30 years, I broke my silence. Today, I’ve transformed that pain into purpose, and now I create community for other survivors.

My entrepreneurial work includes this transformational life coaching practice, guiding people as they release wounds and embrace their power. I also serve as CEO of an assisted living community in Baltimore, We Care First Assisted Living, LLC.

I currently sit on the board of directors at Women and Warriors on Route to Higher Heights Ministries (W.O.R.T.H.H.) and Journey to Joy Ministries, where I’ve received training in prayer ministry and abuse recovery. I hold an award for “Choosing to Live” from The Standing Still Alliance, an organization focused on domestic violence advocacy and awareness.

I believe that remaining committed to studying biblical principles and rooting my ministries in the compassionate love of Christ is the key to my success as a transformational life coach. I currently reside in Tampa, Florida with my husband and my son.





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Diane Petrella, MSW – Food Addiction & Sexual Abuse; Ho’oponopono Hawaiian Healing; & Meditation

Super excited to celebrate the 100th episode of The Healing Place Podcast with Diane Petrella, a licensed therapist who works with sexual abuse survivors who struggle with emotional eating, weight, and body image concerns. Thank you, Diane, for joining me to discuss:

  • her role as a licensed therapist helping clients with sexual abuse history
  • food addiction as a result of childhood trauma
  • adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and hypervigilance
  • self-protective mechanisms
  • Ho’oponopono Hawaiian healing technique
  • meditation
  • and more!

Welcome to The Healing Place Podcast! I am your host, Teri Wellbrock. You can listen in on Pandora, iTunesBlubrrySpotify, Deezer, Google Podcasts, Podbean, and more, or directly on my website at www.teriwellbrock.com/podcasts/. You can also watch our insightful interview on YouTube.


“Diane Petrella, MSW is a licensed psychotherapist and life coach specializing in mind-body-spirit approaches to self-growth, healing, and weight loss. Early in her career she co-founded the first child sexual abuse treatment program in Rhode Island and for many years routinely testified in court as an expert witness in the area of child and adult sexual assault and post-traumatic stress. She has 30 years experience working with sexual abuse survivors to help them overcome trauma and reclaim a loving and respectful connection with their bodies.”

Learn more about Diane and her mission at:


On that page there’s a sign-up on the upper right to download Diane’s free eBook, Shed Your Pounds of Protection, but here’s another link just for that sign-up:

Use discount/promo code for Diane’s two audio programs: Heal

Peace to you all!


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