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Constance Scharff, PhD – Institute for Complementary and Indigenous Mental Health: Addiction & Trauma Recovery

Constance Scharff, PhD – Institute for Complementary and Indigenous Mental Health: Addiction & Trauma Recovery

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Such a deep dive with Dr. Constance Scharff, PhD, award-winning and bestselling author, international mental health educator, and badass leader who helps women become empowered to create meaningful change. Please join us as we discuss:

  • Dr. Constance’s various books on addiction and trauma recovery
  • her insights on complementary healing modalities
  • her global journeys and the healing wisdom shared
  • and so much more!

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Constance Scharff, also known by her Hebrew name Ahuva Batya, has a PhD in Transformative Studies, specializing in radically transformative personal experience. She is a full time author and speaker, traveling around the world to help people overcome trauma and addiction.

Dr. Scharff is an award-winning, bestselling author. Her debut novel, The Path to God’s Promise, debuts October 13, 2023. In this book, Elinor Simentov, a Jewish women of no renown, is asked by God to share an urgent message about climate change, to let us know clearly that we are on a dangerous path and need to recreate our communities now. This book examines issues of faith, self-determination, and our power to transform both our lives and literally to change the world.

Dr. Scharff’s other books include: Rock to Recovery: Music as a Catalyst for Human Transformation, winner of a National Indie Excellence Award, a GOLD Award in the Nonfiction Book Awards and an Award of Distinction in the 28th Communicator Awards; the Amazon #1 best-selling Ending Addiction for Good; and the award-winning poetry book Meeting God at Midnight. Dr. Scharff also reviews books for the New York Journal of Books.

In her role as an addiction and trauma researcher, Dr. Scharff brings the latest in evidence-based, complementary addiction and trauma treatment information to those who suffer worldwide from addiction and trauma. She has spoken at conferences and shared information with researchers and mental health professionals globally. Her passion is working with mental health professionals to use a wide range of practices that improve treatment outcomes. She also works to eliminate the stigma that is too often associated with addiction, trauma, and other mental health issues, so that individuals in need of care will be able to receive that support. In 2019, she received St. Lawrence University’s Sol Feinstone Humanitarian Award for her advocacy and work on behalf of those with mental health, trauma, and substance use issues.

Dr. Scharff’s current writing project is a nonfiction look at the concept of bravery. A Year of Living Bravely is both a memoir and a heuristic inquiry into how some people work to find solutions to seemingly overwhelming personal and community problems. Through the lens of her experience personally recovering from addiction and trauma, Dr. Scharff is exploring both the everyday — what we eat and the choices we make — to the larger impacts of global systems on indigenous and marginalized communities. It’s an ambitious project!

Dr. Scharff is currently traveling for the book’s research. To support her research, you can donate to her Go Fund Me effort.

Dr. Scharff is a member of the Society for Consciousness Studies, American Psychological Association, Interamerican Society of Psychology, World Federation for Mental Health, and the International Society for Contemplative Research. Additionally, she is the founder and director of the Institute for Complementary and Indigenous Mental Health Research, a consortium of scholars and practitioners working to expand access to and the definitions of mental healthcare. She is also a life-long Girl Scout.

Website: https://www.constancescharff.com/



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