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Episode 41: Emily Read Daniels – Here This Now

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I loved this interview with Emily Read Daniels, founder of HereThisNow! Please join us as we discuss trauma-informed trainings, workshops, speaking, blogging, and so much more.
Emily shared the following information:
Thank you, again, for the interview this morning! It was an honor and a pleasure and I do hope we have reason to connect again.
Please find the links you mentioned:
Upcoming October 21-24th Retreat:  The Trauma Informed School 2.0 with Lara Kain
Peace to you all!

Episode 40: Teri Barila – Community Resilience Initiative

Welcome to The Healing Place Podcast!

I was excited to connect with Teri Barila, Executive Director of the Community Resilience Initiative and Resilience Trumps Aces organization. On this episode of the podcast, Teri shares her insights with us in regards to the importance of building resilience in children as well as those who have ACEs (adverse childhood experiences) history. We touch on brain development, community impact, and so much more.

The CRI vision and mission are listed on their website as:


All young people thrive and parents raise their children with consistency and nurturance to develop lasting resilience in the community as a whole.


Mobilizing the community through dialogue to radically reduce the number of adverse childhood experiences while building resilience and a more effective service delivery system.

Find out more information about this inspirational organization and all they are doing to help shine the light of hope at:




Teri Barila, Executive Director, Community Resilience Initiative

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Episode 39: Chaplain Chris Haughee & Intermountain

Welcome to The Healing Place Podcast! Thank you for joining me as I engage in a deep and powerful conversation with Chris Haughee about trauma-informed ministry practices and his experience as a chaplain to the children of Intermountain, a residential facility for severely emotionally disturbed children in Helena, Montana.

Chris Haughee, D.Min.

More information on the interview can be found on my blog at www.unicornshadows.com.

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Teri Wellbrock

Trauma-Warrior, Author, Speaker, Podcaster, Blogger, Therapy Dog Handler



Episode 38: Elizabeth Perry & Interpersonal Insights

Welcome to The Healing Place Podcast!

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to sit down with Elizabeth Perry, founder of Interpersonal Insights, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Elizabeth shared her insights on trauma, the healing power of nature, her journey to uncover the lies in her life and find her truth, and how she is helping others to do the same.

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More information can be found on her social media links:








Episode 37: Milestones & Foster Care

Welcome to the Healing Place Podcast! It made my heart happy to sit down with my friend Krissie Myers to discuss her program directors roles with Milestones, Inc. – an equestrian achievement program – and Kentucky Intensive Family Services foster care agency. You can find out more about Milestone’s wonderful programs and volunteer opportunities on their Facebook page or on their website. Information on Kentucky Intensive Family Services can be found on their website: “As a small, non-profit agency, KIFS takes pride in the ability to provide intense, therapeutic, in-home services to foster families and the children placed in their homes. We are very proud of our high success rate of helping children reach permanency, reducing the lingering effects of trauma due to abuse, neglect, and family crisis situations, and enhancing the over-all health, well-being, and life experience of our most vulnerable population.”


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And, as always, a reminder to be gentle with yourself.




Episode 36: Stacy Brookman – Resilience and Life Storytelling Expert

Thanks for listening in to The Healing Place Podcast!

On this episode, I welcome guest Stacy Brookman, host of the Real Life Resilience Podcast, as we discuss her role as a resilience and life storytelling expert, finding clarity, her upcoming Emotional Abuse Recovery and Resilience Summit, and more! Follow the links below to learn more about Stacy, life storytelling, to register for free for the 12-day summit starting September 1st, and the FREE guide listing the 35 most impactful books for emotional abuse.

Stacy Brookman

Life Story Laboratory

FREE Guide – 35 Most Impactful Books for Emotional Abuse




Episode 35: Cissy White – Heal Write Now

Welcome Healing Place listeners!

I thoroughly enjoyed this on-air conversation with writer/activist, Cissy White, as we discussed trauma, healing, her brilliant insights and a shared connection in our philosophies on trauma-informed care.

Cis is the Northeast Region Community Facilitator for ACEs Connection and the Manager of the Parenting with ACEs Community. I’m the founder of Heal Write Now and a trauma-mama-writer-survivor who believes it’s possible to live, love and parent well after ACEs, possible but not easy. I believe taking ACEs and trauma conversations out of clinical settings can reduce shame, inspire hope and lets us learn from each other. My motto is: It’s not trauma-informed if it’s not informed by trauma survivors.

You can find out more about Cissy and her mission at the following websites:


www.acesconnection.com & Parenting with ACEs: https://www.acesconnection.com/g/Parenting-with-ACEs









Best Medical Appt. https://acestoohigh.com/2016/0…od-experiences-aces/

Talking ACEs: https://www.acesconnection.com/blog/talking-aces

How Can Anyone Love Me with All My Issues: https://www.elephantjournal.co…-with-all-my-issues/

Why Survivors Need Each Other: http://www.rolereboot.org/life…4-07-survivors-need/

Becoming the Woman I Needed: https://twloha.com/blog/maybe-…-the-woman-i-needed/

Thank you for being a part of this podcast journey and a Healing Place follower.

Peace and blessings,


Episode 32: Leslie Peters RN – Heart Talks

Welcome everyone!

Thank you for joining me for my conversation with Leslie Peters RN. Leslie and I discuss the soon to be launched Heart Talks and Leslie Peters websites, along with an insightful discussion on trauma and trauma-recovery through sharing stories, as well as women’s empowerment after trauma. Check out Leslie’s current Women Not Alone: Conversations That Matter site.

We connected through the ACEs Connection online Community: a movement to prevent ACEs, heal trauma & build resilience. We would love to have you join us at ACEs Connection.

Peace to you along your journey!



Episode 30: Dissociative Identity Disorder & Poetic Healing

Welcome to The Healing Place Podcast!

Teri recently conversed via a phone interview with published poet, Phil (last name omitted per his request), regarding his healing journey through childhood abuse, his youth spent in a sanitorium, a D.I.D. diagnosis, and the healing power of writing poetry. Please join us for this fascinating and hauntingly beautiful tale of triumph over trauma.

Phil shares two of his powerful poems on air.

Peace to you along your healing journey,

Teri . . . and Phil

Episode 29: Mediumship

Thank you everyone for listening in as Teri sits down with the gifted Lois G to discuss her journey into connecting with spirits and energy, both here in this realm and beyond. Teri was blessed to learn Ho’oponopono (a Hawaiian healing technique) from Lois the first time they met and to have experienced the enormous benefits of EFT (emotional freedom technique), as well.

We appreciate you being a part of our fan base!

Take care,

Teri . . . and Lois