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Krissie Myers – Milestones & Foster Care

Welcome to the Healing Place Podcast! It made my heart happy to sit down with my friend Krissie Myers to discuss her program directors roles with Milestones, Inc. – an equestrian achievement program – and Kentucky Intensive Family Services foster care agency. You can find out more about Milestone’s wonderful programs and volunteer opportunities on their Facebook page or on their website. Information on Kentucky Intensive Family Services can be found on their website: “As a small, non-profit agency, KIFS takes pride in the ability to provide intense, therapeutic, in-home services to foster families and the children placed in their homes. We are very proud of our high success rate of helping children reach permanency, reducing the lingering effects of trauma due to abuse, neglect, and family crisis situations, and enhancing the over-all health, well-being, and life experience of our most vulnerable population.”


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And, as always, a reminder to be gentle with yourself.




Teri Wellbrock – Podcast Update

Welcome to The Healing Place Podcast! Thank you for being here.

Today Teri provides an update on the podcast schedule change. We will be returning to a bi-weekly schedule beginning immediately. The next podcast will air on Friday, April 13th at 7:00 pm. We are excited about our upcoming guests scheduled for April, May, and June. Stay tuned for more info!

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Megan Walsh – Ultrarunning

Welcome everyone!

Thank you for joining Teri today as she welcome her inspiring guest, Megan Walsh . . . ultrarunner extraordinaire! Megan completed the Tunnel Hill 100 mile ultramarathon on 11/11/17 in under 24 hours! Amazing!

Listen in on iTunes to hear her motivational story.Tunnel Hill 100/50 mile runs Tri-State Running Company #sub24 Ultramarathon#100miles #ultramarathon #goals

Be gentle with yourselves!


Teri . . . and Megan!