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J.K. Emezi – How You Get Addicted to Porn

J.K. Emezi – How You Get Addicted to Porn

Here is the link I promised to share in the mid-episode pause: https://teriwellbrock.com/request-a-quote/

Wowza! I personally learned so much through J.K. Emezi’s personal story and his empowering work in the porn addiction recovery arena.  Please join us as we discuss:

  • his personal story of porn addiction and motivation behind the Porn Reboot System
  • his role as a Porn Addiction Recovery coach and Founder of the #1 Porn Addiction Recovery Program
  • the free resources available through 1000+ videos on his YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/@ElevatedRecovery
  • and so much more!

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J.K. Emezi is a Porn Addiction Recovery coach and Founder of the #1 Porn Addiction Recovery Program – The Porn Reboot System.

He struggled with out-of-control behavior with pornography for over 11 years. Unable to quit using therapy, 12 Steps, and other methodologies, he created a unique system that allowed him to control his sexual behavior within a few short weeks.

Porn Reboot is a system of pornography addiction treatment that helps high-performing business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals who are dealing with porn addiction problems.

His method of treating pornography addiction has been tested for over a decade and doesn’t require willpower, religion, or therapy!

He helps men identify signs of porn addiction, overcome the shame of struggling and develop coping strategies to help them end their behavior permanently.

If you’ve struggled with this for so long and feel that controlling this behavior is impossible, he wants you to know that there is hope!

Website: https://elevatedrecovery.org/


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