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Abigail Moss – Mind Body Free: What is YOUR Unique Original Medicine?

It is always such a treat to have a soul sister connection with a guest. Abigail Moss, shaman, hypnotherapist, mentor, and founder of Mind Body Free joins me to share her wisdom. Please join us as we discuss:

  • Abigail’s insights on discovering our own original medicine and how we can offer it as a gift to the world
  • her personal journeys around the world for trainings in healing modalities
  • her work as a shaman along with a better understanding of that role
  • her philosophies on creating a dialogue with our bodies and nature
  • and so much more!

Welcome to The Healing Place Podcast! I am your host, Teri Wellbrock. You can listen in on Pandora, iTunesBlubrrySpotify, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, Deezer, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, and more, or directly on my website at www.teriwellbrock.com/podcasts/. You can also catch soundbites of our insightful interview on YouTube.


Abigail Moss is a Shaman, Hypnotherapist, and Mentor. She is the founder of Mind Body Free, where she supports empaths and seekers in healing trauma and awakening their intuitive gifts. Her Mentorship and Integrative Healing Coach Training programs are community-based, 6-month transformative journeys to feel at home in your body, remember who you truly are, and share your medicine with the world.

Abigail is trained in Shamanic Chinese Medicine, Medical Qigong Therapy, Yoga, Hypnotherapy, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Her journeys have led her to learn from Shipibo Shamans in Peru, Yogis in India, and Daoist Masters in the US and Canada.

Abigail believes that within each of us is an original medicine; a set of gifts that only you can share with the world. She knows how powerful it is to answer your calling, and that with the will and some guidance, you can absolutely find your way there. Her medicine is being this guide to others.”

You can learn more about her work HERE, as well as find her on InstagramFacebook, and Youtube.



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